9: Certainty

Uncertain times, the new normal, dealing with it all.

It's easier for some than others, and if you've lived your entire life without being worried about where the next meal is going to come from, or how you'll get to work, then you're lucky.

You shouldn't be, of course. But I suspect it's a feeling that many more people will have to come to terms with.

How do you prepare for the unknown? Planning for it. You can't, of course, plan for all unknowns, but there are known unknowns that you can insulate yourself against.

These are questions like:

  • Will I have a job in three, six, twelve months?
  • Will I have some kind of accident?
  • Will I be in good health?

There's an industry built on this uncertainty, insurance. It plays on your fears, but there's a massive conflict of interest - it is in the commercial interests of insurance companies to pay out as few claims as possible. The thing you are paying for, they have a vested interest in making sure you never receive it.

Some premiums are unavoidable. Others are just plain dumb.

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