8: SovCitiots

A friend of mine alerted me to the existence of this right to know request.

I'm not the biggest fan of bureaucracy, but very little compels me to sympathise with them faster than Sovereign Citizens, free-men, or whatever else we want to call them

Under normal circumstances, they're an annoyance and should be dealt with expeditiously and with no nonsense (aside from the nonsense inherent in claiming to be sovereign citizens). During a pandemic, they should probably be restricted in movement, speech, or association, as is necessary to safeguard public health.

I'm not a lawyer and I don't feel like litigating this issue again, but I need to vent, so here I am:

  • If you really knew how laws were made, you would know referenda are not always required and that laws can grant certain discretionary authority to governing bodies, such as to restrict movement

  • If the government tells you to wear a mask, don't be a dick, wear a mask or stay at home

  • Your magic words have no power over actual police, who will arrest or fine you as permitted by law.

Wear a mask, stay home, social distance, unless you're fortunate enough to live somewhere that is free from this and experts (this means people who study and research epidemiology for a living, not people who read a blog or watched a few hours of YouTube and now know all there is to know about vaccinations) have said that you can move about freely.

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