4: Palm Springs

Palm Springs perfectly encapsulates so many of the feelings that characterises 2020 for so many of us.

A feeling of isolation, of nihilism. That you're doing the same thing over and over and over again.

Andy Samberg's character, Nyles, comments that we don't really have a choice in whether we live life, or not. You might be trapped in an endless cycle that feels just... pointless, but you don't really have a choice.

At least you have each other. Nothing worse than going through this shit alone.

But later on, he mentions something pretty crucial, that we need to remember, even if we think there's no point in doing the right thing, because we don't think there's any consequences.

When Cristin Milioti's Sarah (Sara?) decides that she can be as cruel as she wants, inflicts whatever pain she wants, because everything's going to reset anyway, he tells her that that's not the point - she, Sarah, will remember. The pain they cause, the cruelty they inflict, matters, because it's the wrong thing to do.

And later, Nyles's nemesis, Roy (played by the incomparable J K Simmons), who's also in the loop, has come to terms with things. He knows that life in this kind of situation is far more palatable with someone than without.

As much as it seems like we're stuck in a loop, we will get out of it.

Even if it seems like there are no consequences, we should do the right thing, because it's the right thing to do.

And remember, things are easier with a buddy.

Some other thoughts:

  • By the way, not only is Cristin Milioti in this (and I just adore everything she's in, from A to Z 😏), the casting was done by Alison Jones, which marks yet another show I absolutely love that she's had a direct role in casting, The Office and Brooklyn Nine-Nine being some others.

  • On the other hand, I'm reminded of the series finale of Angel: "Those who don't care will never understand those who do." "Yeah, but we won't care."

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