3: Reflecting on Coronavirus

I managed to have a brief catch up with people I know today, in Europe. Things there are... not great. I wonder though, whether the ability to travel in Europe will ultimately see a stronger recovery there.

Moreover, I wonder whether Australia's relative success thus far in keeping cases and deaths down has worked against us. Here's the thinking:

  1. In Australia, we have managed to keep deaths low such that we can identify those who die due to COVID-19 by age: a 60-year old, a 50 year-old, and so on

  2. Since we keep hearing these, and more often than those who are younger, younger people don't fear the effects of the virus enough to reinforce the behavioural measures needed to suppress the virus

  3. Additionally, the ongoing pressures from loss of income or mobility are causing a pent up desire to do normal things

Still, I guess we should be grateful with the low case and death rate we've experienced thus far.

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