It has been a while

So uh... I have no idea who reads these.

It could just be me. That's fine.

What's happened since the last update?

I started going to church again! It's interesting, coming back after such a long break, but it fills me with so much joy, to be able to serve the Lord. It feels like I never left, but also like I need to... learn more, to spend more time with the Lord.

I've changed jobs! I'm at the University of New South Wales, now.

I've started rock climbing! Some toprope, some bouldering. It's fun and gets me active!

I've started seeing musicals and other shows. I remember seeing Wicked years and years ago, and starting to see shows again, it's really quite amazing, some of the sets, some of the singing, some of the acting. It's nice to see the arts, and something I really wish I'd done sooner - I feel like I've got so much catching up to do!

That's the update for... probably this year? Hope it's been a good one for everyone else.

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