6: Just do the right thing

Okay, I'm not a fan of handing over my rights or freedoms. I get the instinct to curl up and protect them, and you might get high-minded about dying for your freedom.

You might be in ordinary circumstances, and have no reason to read on. You might be reading this later, when things are more normal.

But right now, there are some restrictions in place around the world - it might be that you're to stay home, or wear a mask, or limit the size of gatherings.

And you might be happy to die for your freedoms, but right now, you're not making that choice just for yourself - you're making it for everyone you come into contact with, and so are they.

Refusing to wear a mask when you're asked to isn't just selfish, it's dangerous. Refusing to stay at home, or holding gatherings isn't just being stupid, it's potentially fatal. Maybe not to you, but to someone else.

There's no bravery or valour in someone else unknowingly sacrificing their lives for your comfort or benefit.

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