1: Private browsing and how easy it can be

Let's see how many days in a row I can write things.

Why here and not on Twitter? This is... text. Just writing. And a bit more reflective, I think, for that reason.

I use an Android device, and for a very long time, I've touted Firefox Focus for how easy it makes private browsing. Set it as your default browser and your browsing is incognito by default.

Firefox Beta (and maybe stable?) lets you open links in private browsing tabs, though, which is just a bit easier and better, in my view.

What's more, though - and what convinced me to reassign my default browser to Firefox Beta - is that you can enable Dark Reader on Firefox proper, and even in private browsing.

The number of times I've had to scrunch my eyes shut against the white glare of a website when I'm reading in bed (okay, that's a different problem, but one thing at a time) is enough to persuade me to switch over.

Add this to the built-in reader mode, and I'm a convert. This would've been the case even if Firefox Focus weren't randomly glitching and giving me black screens after task switching (I would guess some kind of a memory bug?)

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