Coronavirus Diaries

It's been... 130 days since the coronavirus was declared a global pandemic, and things are starting to... well, look bad, again.

I don't like the situation in Melbourne... it's not nearly as bad as other parts of the world, and although things can always get worse, as a friend said, saying that is pretty vapid.

And it's true, I guess. It doesn't really mean anything on its own.

Let's track how I feel about things. This might be a hundred days too late, but better late than never... right?

Sydney/NSW: 7/10

Let's say that maybe three or four weeks ago, this might've been an 8, or maybe a 9, out of 10.

The whole Crossroads situation has wigged me out a little, not to mention reports of stupid people having crazy parties with 30+ (or maybe 60+?) people.

I don't think I'm more worried about the state than I am about the city, probably a little less overall. Hopefully people are being sensible in more regional areas, though there's lower density, so the risk might be lower there... then again, access to health is an issue.

Australia: 6/10

Let's say that this would've been about a 7 or 8 a few weeks ago.

  • Melbourne: 😥
  • Everywhere but NSW and Vic: 🙂

Problem, though, is that Melbourne and Sydney together account for most of the people I'd call family and friends.

Other things, little things, like... PAX and OCC almost certainly not going ahead this year, also weigh on me.

The World: 6/10

Probably about the same as it has been, over the last few weeks.

The US is a mess, though I actually now feel better about the situation there than I did a few weeks back - mainly because of what it might mean in November, though. The increasing deaths and cases are still pretty devastating, and knowing people over there doesn't help.

The situation in Brazil is just depressing, since... well, it's pretty plain that the president is just blinding his eyes to the reality of the situation.

The situation in the rest of the world - Europe, Asia, Africa... it seems all a bit distant. I guess it's not as volatile, and it doesn't seem as relevant to me here. Again, I know people in those parts of the world, but things don't seem to be getting markedly worse.

What I've been doing

  • Rewatched Community a couple of times.
  • Watched Buffy and Angel (for the first time - well, finished Buffy, almost done with Angel)
  • Uni! This first-year stuff has been mostly easy, but I always wonder how much to talk about it being easy for me.

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